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Designing for a Designer: Armodilo Tablet Holder Website

/ Feb 5th, 2016
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Rarely do we have an opportunity as designers to build a website for a designer.

Armodilo is an award winning manufacturer of tablet display holders led by a talented industrial designer. Armodilo required a website that delivered a user experience unlike any other manufacturer.

Working closely with Armodilo’s designer, the zfactor website design process allowed for the creative flexibility required while maintaining the integrity of the user experience.

A highly visual navigation was created using outlines of the product line to help users quickly identify what type of product they were looking for visually.

The final product was a highly visual website, showcasing the beauty of the Armodilo product line.

A custom product builder helps visitors price out their ideal system, while the salesforce integration allows Armodilo to follow up on all leads generated through the builder.

The website was built on a responsive framework with extra attention on the mobile experience.

The QA process tested the responsive website across 20 different browsers ranging from web, tablet and mobile, ensuring the site would deliver the best experience regardless of platform.

Ongoing content management and development, with search engine marketing consulting keeps the beautiful Armodillo website at the top of Google searches and as an industry leader.