UX Design Success from the Inside Out

/ Aug 18th, 2014

Some business problems can seem overwhelming, but the cost of fixing them is often prohibitive.  However, it is important to remember that some fixes can come from the inside out, saving your company time and money.

The team at Blackberry approached us to help with an enterprise content management system (ECM).  This type of system is critical to the functionality of the company since it helps employees find electronic files in an efficient manner.  However, the ECM at Blackberry had a lackluster user interface that made it difficult for employees to find files and do their job effectively.  Blackberry wanted a better interface that allowed each of their teams to create material that would be readily available throughout the rest of the company.

The scope of this task may seem daunting.  The ECM had been established to automatically log users based on antiquated identification numbers.  This prevented teams from creating their own portals to better identify their content, making it difficult for others to access any specific file outside the team.  On top of this, the user interface was poorly designed.  The technology functioned similarly to early Windows and DOS systems, which means that it did not allow for efficient search and retrieval actions, prohibiting employees to find what they are looking for.

Despite the severe inadequacies of the user interface, we were able to work within the system to make the necessary upgrades.  Instead of scrapping the entire ECM, which would be time consuming and costly, we integrated our own software into the system.  This software worked with the ECM but provided a far more usable experience for employees. We made it possible for every team to gain access to an internal portal on the established ECM, which marketed the teams information to employees. They were able to customize the experience, search and retrieve content effectively, offer recommendations based on different search criteria and still offer the same level of security that going direct to the ECM offered.  Information could be accessed through this website, and team members were able to upload content as needed.

The software portals were such a success, over the duration of two years, zfactor created 12 additional internal websites for teams within the company.   Blackberry was able to save money by keeping their ECM system, but employees were able to dramatically increase their productivity with a revolutionized user experience.  The end result was an efficient, attractive and dynamic user interface that made a sizeable impact on the day to day operations at the company.

This type of innovative problem solving can be hard to find without the right help.  Trust us with your most difficult business issues, and see what success can really look like.