BlackBerry UX

Changing the User Experience for Employees

/ Aug 25th, 2014
BlackBerry UX

Finding corporate documents should be a quick and easy experience...then why wasn't it for thousands of BlackBerry employees?

BlackBerry contained several teams of specialists within the organization. Each team would be responsible for creating material and making it available for the rest of the companies thousands of employees. They would also be responsible to market their teams internally, and the content they created and offered.

An enterprise content management system (ECM) was implemented and was suppose to help employees find what they are looking for quickly and efficiently. However, a poor user interface coupled with an active directory prohibited individuals and teams from marketing their services internally and from finding the corporate files to complete tasks and projects. Ultimately, this created a situation where employee's would email and share dated and inaccurate documents to ease the pain of searching for them.

The Problem

The ECM that stored all of the vital information used an active directory which automatically logged users in based on their identification number, prohibiting internal teams from creating portals to identify what they offered.

The user interface was also very difficult to search on, resembling something similar to early windows or dos. It did not allow for easy search and retrieve of vital company documents, or the ability for internal teams to create portals to educate employees on their services, updates, and what they offered.

The Solution

Working within the BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server) zfactor was able to configure the current php based content management system for active directory support. This created the ability for zfactor to create an internal portal resembling a website for each team, allowing authorized visitors to search and retrieve files they were authorized for.

The Result

By creating the ability to build custom internal portals integrated with both BES and the ECM, zfactor was able to create exciting internal team websites for a total of 12 teams over the course of 2 years. The content in these internal portals were fully managed by the BlackBerry teams themselves, while the enhanced search and retrieve ability allowed employees to find what they needed outside of the original ECM interface.