BUENDIA LOGO 670 campaign 670 buendia brazil brochure

Built It Locally, Sell It Globally

/ Aug 15th, 2014
BUENDIA LOGO 670 campaign 670 buendia brazil brochure

Successful marketing is about selling your company to consumers.  If you can’t quite figure out how to explain what you are trying to sell, then consumers are going to be reluctant to try buying it.  This vagueness is actually more common than you might think.  Many companies have such broad services that it is difficult to know how to focus the brand for marketing purposes.

This was the challenge presented by Buendia.  Buendia provides a rewarding service; helping Canadian companies position and sell their goods to Latin American countries.  The idea of an export company and the depth of services offered were so broad that they were having trouble coming up with a strong corporate identity to easily explain what they did.

Buendia needed more than simple marketing; they needed a branding overhaul.  By working with the company, we were able to look at the full scope of what Buendia has to offer Canadian companies, and tried to help define them.  This corporate identification was the solid foundation we needed to build an entire branding solution around.  We created marketing presentations, marketing materials, trade show material and collateral which was all part of a comprehensive campaign to target Canadian manufacturers.

Our success was founded from a simple tagline:  Build It Locally, Sell It Globally.

As Buendia expanded its client base, we worked to create regional specific promotional materials (including sales literature, brochures, POP materials, packaging)  and helped to position these companies in Latin countries. 

Buendia launched its new branding campaign earlier this year.  Since that time, the company has been able to acquire new clients monthly, successfully introducing them to new markets.  With a determined team and strong brand, this growth is ongoing, showing no signs of slowing down.

Some companies have all the right elements in place, but they just need help bringing it all together.  For Buendia, zfactor was able to provide the focus and ongoing support to turn a viable business model into actual success.  No matter how much or how little support you need for your marketing and branding solutions, zfactor is here to help. 

We can take a vague idea and turn it into concrete success.