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Marketing that is More than the Sum of its Parts

/ Aug 16th, 2014
CENTRAL LOGO central industrial Website Website2 Website3

For Central Industrial Solutions, business is all about fitting the right pieces together.  This is a very literal interpretation of what they provide.  Central Industrial Solutions offers full sized, industrial grade aluminum extrusions that work like Legos, fitting together for a customized product.  Consumers can build almost anything they can imagine from machine guards to furniture.

When Central Industrial Solutions approached us, they had all the right elements for a successful business.  As a rebrand from Central Plastics, they had a quality product with a wide range of uses.  What they did not have, however, was a marketing plan to capitalize on those elements.

Web development companies would be out of their depth when it comes to a company like Central Industrial Solutions.  Before we even started to think about their website, we sat down with company leaders and talked about what the company was all about.  This was not just a question of creating a website.  This was a question of creating an online image that would solidify the company’s identity and business model.

By talking with the client, we were able to narrow in on the company’s core product:  aluminum t-slot extrusions and fastening systems.  From here, we were able to focus the company’s marketing to maximize its brand potential.  This branding effort started with a streamlined slogan, which became simple and memorable: supply, design & build.

From here, we undertook a comprehensive overhaul of the brand, creating a new logo that featured the extrusion system.  We designed new business cards with a textural element. We had created business cards with holes cut out of the existing logo, creating an ice-breaking conversation piece.

Once we had established the key branding elements, we started to work on their website.  With so many products, we made sure that there was a detailed product search system in place with a strong emphasis on SEO content to better direct new consumers to the site.  Although there are thousands of parts available, consumers can search by product number, size or even visual recognition.  The SEO content is so finely tuned that if someone does a web search for a particular product or part number, Central Industrial Solutions is at the top of the results list.

After we launched the site with fresh branding, web traffic nearly doubled including hits from unique visitors.  

Sometimes website design and online branding is more than the sum of its parts.  We proved what was possible to Central Industrial Solutions.  Contact us and we will prove it to you as well.