Embodied Energy Final Logo2 Embodied energy website

Powerful Long Term Goals

/ Aug 12th, 2014
Embodied Energy Final Logo2 Embodied energy website

Embodied Energy is a personal training fitness studio.  While there are many companies that offer fitness services, Embodied Energy has taken a boutique approach, offering fitness services that are individualized for their client base.  This means that Embodied Energy can provide fitness that is holistic, corrective, performance-based and general.  To offer this nuanced approached, Embodied Energy has a team of dedicated trainers who work hard to create a customized exercise experience with lifestyle coaching programs.

With a business model that is so finely tuned to the needs of their clients, Embodied Energy needed an online plan that was readily adaptable.  Embodied Energy fully intended to update their website often, and they also intended to do such updates themselves.

This type of approach is often a problem for other web development teams, who want to retain control or who are unconcerned with the usability of the site once it is complete.  However, our desire is to help clients with whatever their goals may be.  Therefore, we worked with Embodied Energy to create a website that fit their needs now and for years to come.

To start, we created an online image that matched up with Embodied Energy's core values, including a new logo and a modern color scheme.  After establishing this solid foundation, we turned our attention to the client’s long term goals.  To this end, we created a website that was easy to update, even for those who do not have extensive web development experience.

Since Embodied Energy wanted to take a strong stance on their online brand, we gave them realistic recommendations about marketing themselves on the Internet, including advice about how to leverage social media to gain more visibility.

With a strong website and a good plan to back up their business model and ambition, Embodied Energy has been able to achieve tremendous growth.  Their business has expanded and now operates out of two facilities with more growth expected.

Your online strategy will change over time.  No matter how much or how little of the work you hope to do yourself, we can give you the tools to make it possible.  Contact us today to learn more.