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Ginas Salon & Spa Website and Marketing

/ Aug 17th, 2014
Ginas spa

Building a brand that endures from one generation to the next is no small feat.  However, no matter how much success you have had in the past, it is important to keep your focus on what is to come.  To keep your business relevant in a hectic marketplace, you need the right approach to modern branding.

Gina’s Salon and Spa is no stranger to the challenges of operating a business.  With 40 years of experience, Gina’s Salon and Spa has served the community with a great deal of success for decades.  It was voted to be the Top Spa for the Kitchener Waterloo area in the Reader’s Choice Awards for several years.  Other companies of this stature might stick with the same marketing strategies they have always used.  Gina’s Salon and Spa, however, recognized the power of changing with the times.

Since Gina’s Salon and Spa already had a well cultivated brand, we focused our efforts on more effective marketing.  Gina’s Salon and Spa had the reputation and the resources.  Now they just needed new ways to reach and better service customers.  We took a multi-pronged online approach with an emphasis on generating website traffic, rankings and purpose. 

With a revitalized website and localized keyword strategy, we were able to increase their online traffic by an impressive 400 percent.  

The increase in web traffic converted these visits into meaningful leads, increasing their online booking requests tenfold.  Additionally, we initiated an eGift program, which gave customers the option to send electronic gift cards.  This new revenue stream was a great way to reach customers without putting a strain on any other business resources.

The improvements did not stop there.  With improved online marketing, we were able to reduce their non-sales phone calls significantly, which meant that employees were able to focus on the job better. 

An Onsite SEO strategy was created and performed to increase local search exposure.  Now, Gina’s Salon and Spa is on the first page of Google search results in keywords related to their top five services.

Overall, Gina’s Salon and Spa saw dramatic improvements to their online marketing plan, which made a palpable impact on their bottom line, and is continually creating new online services and information for their clients.

We respect the success of our clients.  Our main goal is always to take what works and make it better.  See how our success can become your success today.