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Choosing the right Digital or Social media outlet

/ Apr 6th, 2015
Social Media

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Technologists claim Internet technology is doubling every 2 years, but from being in the trenches day in and day out helping customers design and market their digital presence, it feels much faster than that. It’s easy to see the confusion on what to use, what message to deliver, and how often to post.

Companies feel they need to participate in every digital platform to succeed these days. The result is often a poorly executed digital marketing program, that was started with unrealistic expectations, stopped after a few months, and left online to out date itself and the company.

So how do you know what digital marketing platforms to use? With all these choices, and hype on microblogging, video, sharing, engagement, how do you decide what platforms are best to use? The answer is simple...DON’T FOCUS ON THE TECH! The tech is nothing more than tools - that’s it! Tools to engage, tools to inform, tools to create an action. A carpenter doesn’t focus on his hammer, a marketer shouldn’t focus on the tech.

Focus on the WHY?

More often than not customers (who are not qualified) are requesting the tools, and marketers, who are far too eager to deliver, backfill these tools with the wrong type of content and messaging to please the client. Admirable, but maybe not effective. If a company focuses on the technology, putting out material they THINK is expected because the market is demanding it, they are not being true to their brand and not focusing on what they do best. This is where they can get into deep trouble.

Instead, focus on the WHY? Why do you feel the need to have a new website, post on facebook, or share on twitter? By digging deep into the Why, you’ll often discover the actual reason behind the need.

Someone might want to post videos on youTube to demonstrate how their product or service works, again great intention! But by posting the videos on a more engaging platform they can also answer questions, track leads and create conversations around their product.

Someone may think a new website will get them more leads and sales, which is understandable. But refining their messaging, creating compelling content and integrating a targeted inbound campaign with a marketing automation program will do a far better job - than just designing a new site?

Once we understand the real reason - digital media sorts itself out and becomes much clearer as to what to use! Some are better suited at engaging, some are better at sharing, and others better at informing - however all can be confused into doing the same thing.

As designers, marketers and strategists, it’s our job to understand the differences and strengths between each digital medium, not our customers job. Once we know what they really need help with, the selection and choices of what digital media to use becomes much simpler to understand.

It doesn’t matter the speed of technology if we’re focusing on the customers need.