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Joiined Couples App: Things are better when shared

/ Apr 15th, 2016
Joiined Joiined logo joiined2 joiined3 joiined screens

Kitchener Waterloo is known for being a fast paced, tech start-up city. The excitement, energy and pace suits the zfactor spirit. When approached by a local start up to help brand, build and develop an IoS app, the team was all in.

The app was for couples to share one anothers personal tastes, likes, and wishlists in order to help facilitate better gift purchases.

A brand and website landing page was created for the start up to begin collecting its list of eagerly waiting beta-testers.

Working through zfactor’s designed process, Joiined was carefully planned out to incorporate what was most valuable to the end user, while long term planning and a road map planned out the apps future features, monetization and integrations.

Putting strategy before creative, the information architecture and wireframes were planned and created to ensure the the best user experience prior to creating any visual designs or programming a line of code.

A software requirements document outlined the development, detailing build stages, sprints and an overall schedule to build towards.

The QA process tested the native app across different versions and phones, ensuring Joiined would deliver the best experience.

Final appstore marketing screens, icons and logos were uploaded, helping launch the app on the marketplace successfully.