Kik Kik2

Kik for a Web Design Company

/ May 1st, 2015
Kik Kik2

Misconceptions about tech companies aren’t only amongst consumers, but also within the organization itself. Having brilliant, technically capable people doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best candidates to develop and manage your website. While there may be a crossover of programming languages, time, energy and resources may be better allocated to focusing on your product or service, not necessarily on your website.

With over 250 million users, Kik Interactive is the worlds hottest messenger app. The fast pace of this start up is to continually evolve the product to newer levels of engagement. And while a company full of programmers would be qualified to develop a company website, the value they bring to their messenger is far greater - so they turned to a company they could trust to complete the project.

zfactor proudly worked with Kik to develop the official website. Built on an open source php CMS, the responsive website was built to work on over 30 different mobile platforms to account for their global clients.

Through a collaborative effort, zfactor worked with Kik to define the information architecture, wireframes and designs to deliver the the best UX prior to programming a line of code.  The responsive framework delivers a simple and intuitive experience.

Integrating with external sources like Salesforce, Greenhouse and ZenDesk, Kik is able to utilize the best resources for it’s operation instead of trying to accommodate within a single set up.

As Kik continues to dominate the Global market, zfactor is there proudly to help update the website with ongoing new features, customizations and edits.