A Simple Logo is Not Easy

/ Aug 14th, 2014

Simple is almost always better when it comes to design, but too many people assume that simple is easy.  When it comes to simple marketing, however, the simplicity refers to the usability and not the design.  In order to have a brand that is simple for users to recognize and functional for your business goals, you need a complex design strategy that is part of an overall branding approach.

As an up and coming home improvement and construction company, Kuenzler knows a bit about design.  Their focus on high end clients who want custom home improvement solutions needed a brand that was clear, simple and elegant.

As with many of our design projects, the first step was to create a new logo.  This logo serves as an anchor for the entire brand.  When it comes to a good logo, we feel less is often more.  Therefore, we created a logo that was simple and clean in it's offering, yet strong in its symbol.  This streamlined design element became an easily recognizable representation of the company, which served as the design anchor for their brand on a whole.

From this logo, we were able to develop an entire corporate entity, including vehicle graphics and promotional material.  With our help, Kuenzler soon had a memorable business card, a professional letterhead, signage and focused on the customer experience after the project was completed. We set up a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management program to get their business up and running while keeping in touch with past clients.

Every piece of marketing was rooted in the same simple theme, giving the company a streamlined brand that was both elegant and memorable.  To the outside consumer, the simple nature of the logo and branding may seem facile.  However, the power of this simplicity exists in its enduring and comprehensive nature.

When it comes to design, simple should be descriptive of the appearance, not the process.  Simple designs from other companies fall flat and fail to produce results.  Simple from our team of experts is something far more powerful and provocative.  Discover the difference for your company by calling today for a consultation.