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Inspiration for Aviation Software Website

/ Mar 1st, 2015
Navtech6 Navtech5 Navtech4 flying2

As Children, we’ve all dreamt about flying high above the clouds. Working in an industry like aeronautics should be inspirational and deliver that type of feeling.

As a longstanding tech company in Waterloo, Navtech supplies several software products to the aeronautical industry. When the opportunity presented itself to update Navtechs digital presence, zfactor jumped at the opportunity.

Putting strategy before creative, zfactor interviewed and researched Navtech, their softwares, their industry and their brands to help better position the software company within the market place. Replacing the Tech Heavy descriptions with benefit driven, Human focused messaging, the websites messaging was broadened to appeal to those outside of the tech industry.

The information architecture and wireframes we planned and created to deliver the the best UX prior to creating any visual designs or programming a line of code.

Playing off of the tagline ‘Inspiring Aviation’, zfactor created a homepage depicting the same feeling of flying high above the clouds. Incorporating a looping video of soaring above the clouds, zfactor placed the Navtech logo and tagline directly above the animation. Icons were created to depict the different software verticals, creating an instant association for the visitor.

Integrating with Salesforce, all website leads and comments are automatically put into the funnel, while several inbound landing page templates were created eliminating the need to invest in third party software.

The QA process tested the responsive website across 20 different browsers ranging from web, tablet and mobile, ensuring the site would deliver the best experience regardless of platform.

A Google analytics account was created to monitor the traffic patterns - gaining better insights for future website updates and enhancements.

While the website was created on an open source, php based Content Management System, zfactor continues to help evolve the Navtech website to infinity, and beyond!