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Designing A Website Tool For Interior Designers

/ Sep 21st, 2014
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The average web user may not think twice about visiting the average website.  To them, it is just a question of clicking on a link and getting the information they want.  However, when the target audience includes designers, suddenly an average website is no longer good enough.

Odyssey Wallcoverings understands their client base; interior designers.  With a robust inventory of commercial wall coverings, Odyssey has developed its reputation amongst designers.  As a company, Odyssey makes strong choices to appeal to this market by offering a diverse inventory of commercial wall coverings.  However, Odyssey quickly realized that developing a website to best cater to designers was easier said than done.  

It was no question that Odyssey presented unique challenges for any type of web development.  Not only are their clients designers, who need visual cues in order to shop effectively, but the company has thousands of different product variations to consider.  For any other web development team, a simple inventory with small pictures of each wall covering probably would have been a sufficient recommendation...not for zfactor.

Odyssey needed a powerful search option with an integrated visual-based design.  To do this, we created an Enhanced Sample finder.  Designers were able to not only search specific patterns they knew of, but similar patterns using a number of descriptive design words describing what they were searching for.  Designers could search for wall coverings based on the color tone (whether it was warm or bold, neutral or cool), the wallcoverings style (such as simple or printed, textured or striped) in addition to the brand or colleciton name. 

Designers can look for specific brands, or they can search the Odyssey database for general characteristics to get inspiration for their latest project.  The shopping functions are easy to use, and samples are provided upon request.

The website also offers more in depth information about the technical details of each product.  This way, with a simple click, designers can learn about how to hang the wall covering or how much they will need to order to cover their space.  On top of all this, the entire website is visually oriented.  Designers do not just learn about the wall coverings, they see them as well.

We don’t simply create websites that are easy to find in Google.  We make websites that enhance your company’s business model.  If you want to give your clients the best online experience possible, learn more about our design experience today.