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High End Wesbite Design for High End Clients

/ Aug 28th, 2014

By Massimo Machismo

prestige business interiors670b prestige business interiors670e prestige business interiors670d

High end businesses need high end design. Too many companies specialize only in web development, which can reduce online marketing to a formula. While traditional SEO calculations are important for website exposure, truly excelling in a niche market takes a much more nuanced approach.

This was the case for Prestige Business Interiors. Prestige has built its consumer base on high end tastes with an elite selection of designer office furniture. With hundreds of products to consider, Prestige had trouble conveying the depth and variety of their inventory on a traditional website. To successfully operate an online showroom, Prestige needed smart organization and a dynamic search system.

While a standard web development company might create a functional website, we looked carefully at Prestige’s client base to create an individualized browsing system, unparalleled on the Internet amongst their competitors. To solve the problem, we first understood all the variables, including the products, the company and the core consumer base. By analyzing the way people shopped at Prestige, we were able to create a unique online experience that fully captures the essence of what this company has to offer.

The results speak for themselves. The Prestige website has a visual menu navigation, which gives users concrete images to anchor their browsing experience. While searching, consumers can filter through a range of choices to progressively narrow down their options. This allows consumers to peruse an online database of hundreds of items, paring it down until the right subset appears. Results are provided in real time with dynamic descriptions that include product specifications and pictures. To cap off the shopping experience, every product page concludes with convenient call to action to make putting together a workspace easier than ever.

Although Prestige also has strong SEO content that ranks first in search engines for many of its core keywords, the end product is so much more than that. The site reflects the essence of the company. Prestige carries high end office furniture, and now their website provides a high end shopping experience.

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