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The Recipe to Broad Success in Small Steps

/ Jun 9th, 2014
RigChef670 RigChef closer

Smart businesses know how to fill needs in the market. Success on a broad scale always starts with success in a niche market.

For Rig Chef, that niche market was everything. This unique company produces a web series about healthy living. While there are a lot of web series with a health focus, Rig Chef was smart to focus their content for truckers. This particular population has distinctive needs, and Rig Chef has created a web series that meets these needs with style.

This type of innovation cannot stop there. We took Rig Chef's great idea and made sure that it found its intended audience. For Rig Chef, we took their quality content and repackaged it with a fun theme and design. The Rig Chef logo we established, which is a memorable caricature, became a key part of the design, effectively setting the tone for the entire company. As part of a promotional push, we included a t-shirt campaign to raise awareness and engender loyalty. The entire online experience needed to be fun and engaging in order to hold the attention of truckers who probably had better things to do.

The result was very successful. The website was extremely well received by the niche market, which gave the company success in other sectors as well. Soon, Rig Chef was a viral hit, and the promotional t-shirts became a hotly coveted item. In all this, Rig Chef was able to fulfill its potential and then grow beyond it to become a successful and enduring web program.

Big success starts with small steps. Take that first step, and call us today for more information about how to create an online image for your niche market.