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The Changes for Success Start Within

/ Aug 27th, 2014
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For an established company, change can be hard.  After all, with decades of success, the idea of going in a new direction can seem overwhelming.  The key is to make the right changes that reflect what your company is all about.

Smittys Fine Furniture has been in operation for over 65 years.  As a family owned and operated business, Smittys Fine Furniture has established a firm portion of the local marketshare.  However, the rise of big box discount furniture stores has become a real concern when your competing on price.  With limited options for furniture, Smittys knew it would have to do something dramatic to stay ahead of the competition.

Smittys turned to zfactor.  With every client, we seek to find what makes them unique.  For Smittys, this question was easy to answer. Stop trying to compete with the big box stores on price, set yourself apart. We recommended to re-introduce the word 'Fine' back into the name which was removed years prior when competing directly with the big box stores.  Our advice prompted Smittys to change its name back to Smittys Fine Furniture, as a way of playing up their strong heritage.

We then drew on other important facets of their business model.  We made sure that they focused on carrying only Canadian-made furniture in their stores.  With a new logo and a catchy radio jingle, their tagline became simple and powerful:  for the love of Canadian furniture.

After solidifying these elements, we turned our attention to the digital realm, where many local businesses suffer.  We drafted an entire digital strategy, starting with a remodelled website that features a full online catalog.  This way, consumers have the ability to send product information to friends or ask questions of staff members.  We posted information about the store’s interior decorators, further solidifying the personal connection between the consumer and the business. Smittys Fine Furniture offered consumers a much more personal connection with their employees that cannot be found at big box furniture stores.

We created an eClub, which gives members exclusive discounts and advanced notice and admission to upcoming sales.  Best of all, these online solutions are easy to manage internally.  This way, Smittys Fine Furniture can control ongoing updates to keep their website fresh and relevant.

As a final push for success, we established a direct mail campaign to inform consumers about upcoming events and sales.  With this comprehensive marketing approach, consumers can be reached digitally and through traditional mail.  This combination of methods effectively reaches a wider range of consumers for the maximum impact. 

Since the relaunch of their corporate brand, Smittys Fine Furniture has moved to a larger location and continues to see success by proudly supporting Canadian furniture.

Change is hard.  Trust us to make it easier.  More than that, trust us to make it successful.