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Systematix Automation Website Overhaul

/ Jun 1st, 2015
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As manufacturing continues to evolve in North America to better compete on a global scale, Automation companies need to position themselves away from being a commodity supplier.
Systematix is a premier designer and manufacturer of turn-key factory automation systems proudly located in Waterloo. As a leading innovative automation company, Systematix needed to update their digital presence to better reflect their vision for the future.
Working through zfactor’s designed digital process, the online vision for Systematix was carefully planned out to deliver 3 different messages to 3 different markets.
Putting strategy before creative, the information architecture and wireframes we planned and created to deliver the the best UX prior to creating any visual designs or programming a line of code.
The website was built on a responsive framework, powered by an open source php content management system, so future edits and content updates could be managed internally at Systematix.
The QA process tested the website across 20 different browsers ranging from web, tablet and mobile, ensuring the site would deliver the best experience regardless of platform.
A Google analytics account was created to monitor the traffic patterns - gaining better insights for future website updates and enhancements.
As Systematix continues to grow into new and exciting markets, zfactor will be there to help evolve their digital presence.