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Customer Centered Website Development Experience

/ Aug 15th, 2014
vertechs 670 vertechs 670b

There are many companies that can create a website.  Some companies can even do a pretty good job of getting an attractive site up and running.  However, effective website development is never just about design.  Good website development is a comprehensive experience for any company.

This was the case for Vertechs Elevators.  Specializing in residential and commercial elevators and lifts, Vertechs had straightforward needs for its new website.  However, their previous web development company was turning the experience into a nightmare.  This was not due to technical deficiency, but a lack of good, old fashioned customer service.   

For Vertechs, the experience in dealing with their previous web development company was reduced to simple formulas, plugging in information without listening to what the customer actually wanted.  Worse still, Vertechs was expected to work on the web development team’s schedule, having every stylistic decision made by the company instead of the client.  

zfactor is a design firm that specializes in digital technologies.  Our focus is always on the customers experience - we are there to work with clients, listening to their needs.  Our approach is entirely centered on the client, and we never make any decision until we understand who clients are and what they are looking for in their online branding and digital marketing efforts.  We take the time to explain our choices to clients, educating them and including them in the process so they can make informed decisions every step of the way.

For Vertechs, we quickly realized that design was never the problem.  We were able to work with their existing website and add in the missing components to create a more comprehensive experience to better represent the company.  The entire process took less than two months.  Vertechs was so pleased with our approach to development, they hired us to perform ongoing Search Engine Marketing and Maintenance on a monthly basis to track their traffic and increasingly grow their web presence.

By keeping the client fully engaged in the process, we were able to become an extension of their business that made them proud, created a valuable experience, and provided Vertechs a good return on their investment.

If you are tired of making your website goals fit into another company’s formula, contact us to take back control.