Veuhub 1 Veuhub logo Website Slides

Veuhub video distribution platform; helping people become internet famous

/ Aug 9th, 2016
Veuhub 1 Veuhub logo Website Slides

zfactor works with companies we are passionate about, believe in, connect with. This gives us the coolest roster of clients an agency can have and stand for. VeuHub is no different.
VeuHub is a video marketing company that matches content creators with internet publishers. As a ambitious start up stuck with a corporate vision and website, VeuHub realized it needed to revitalize it’s brand to better attract their own cool roster of talent.
zfactor began with the end users in mind, building a brand as energetic and passionate as it’s creators and publishers. Bright bold colors, a recognizable icon and legible font helped create a logo that captured the energy of the brand, helping them break out of their corporate shell.
The complicated, technical language of the website was simplified, speaking to the main benefit driven points of the network. The site messaging was divided into 3 visitor types, allowing for targetted messaging for each. Monochromatic images of people backed up the messages, portraying it’s visitors while a side scrolling effect provided a unique experience.
After completing and launching the first 2 of 5 phases (which include the design and development of the platform and marketing strategy), zfactor is excited to be part of the future relationship and disruption VeuHub is sure to create.