Vista 670b Vista ad

It's Just A Matter of Perception

/ Aug 29th, 2014
Vista 670b Vista ad

Any successful business venture hinges on marketing. No matter how good your idea, service, product may be, if you do not know how to sell it, you will never make a profit. While this serves as a warning for most, the reverse can also be a source of inspiration. With the right marketing, you can sell anything.

Vista Hills was the last piece of un-developed residential property left in the city of Waterloo. The land was located at the West edge of Waterloo, bordering the next township. The project was to create a vision for the subdivision, a brand identity and campaign that would be used through out the subdivision.

Due to zoning, conservation land and location, the Vista Hills property was considered by some as a waste of land. The property was surrounded by conservation land that would never be developed and bordered another township who refused access to it’s roadways. This left only a single road access to a large subdivision. The project manager regarded the property as being excluded from Waterloo.

After several in-depth discussions on the development and it’s potential, zfactor revealed that the problem wasn’t in the property, but in it’s perception. The property wasn’t excluded from Waterloo, but secluded. The subdivision offered a level of exclusivity and privacy no other development could match. The conservation land and bordering country side created an escape from the busy roadways of our growing community, ideal for young families and children.

Branding the project consisted of using illustrations depicting a storybook like – family friendly setting with calming colours and rolling hills. The tagline “far from the ordinary but close to everything else’ reflected the nature of the project being both part of Waterloo, but secluded. Marketing material consisted of a microsite for nurturing leads, billboards, ads and printed material all promoting a family friendly subdivision.

With a new vision in place and cohesive brand, Vista Hills is now in mid-development with over 10 of the areas top builders creating dreams for families. The sub division includes a variety of playground equipment for all ages, a planned natural outdoor amphitheatre, trails, a new school, and the regions most extensive clean water collection system.

Sometimes the biggest obstacles can actually be the greatest assets. If you are stuck trying to figure out your brand, let zfactor help. Contact us today for more information.