Apple iphone outdated

Apple is Outdated and Obsolete - A Designers point of view

/ May 23rd, 2016

By Massimo Zefferino

Apple iphone outdated

Recently, Chinese billionaire Jia Yueting called out Apple (and Tesla) as 'outdated' and 'obsolete', referring to the Apple SE as 'a product with a very low level of technology.'

It’s possible Yueting’s comment was intended to be controversial since he was plugging his own products at the time, but my feeling when I read this was “even if so, who cares?” It’s not the focus on technology that has made Apple products iconic, it’s the experience they deliver.

“even if so, who cares?”
I've always been a fan of technology, but have never been a technophile.

My first experience with a computer was with MS-DOS - and my interest lasted all of 10 seconds. Numbers and letters weren't my thing and that's as far as I cared to understand code at the time.

It wasn't until I used Superpaint on a Macintosh that I cared at all about a computer again. The Macintosh interface was easy to understand and applications were on the desktop in plain sight. Reading a disk was as easy as inserting it into the computer, seeing the disk icon pop up on the screen, and clicking it to see what was inside. There was no need to type code, no need to run an installer. The Macintosh was visual and it just worked.

Apple designs products for people, not for technophiles. Since the launch of the Macintosh - “a computer for the rest of us” - Apple has continually designed products to make the end users life easier.

Simplistic and minimal in nature, the user experience, packaging and advertising have always embraced what the non-technological user yearned for - something that simply worked regardless of your tech competence.

Apple wasn't necessarily innovative in their technology; they were innovative in their approach to technology.
With this focus in mind, Apple has successfully been able to reuse and redesign already existing products for ordinary people - and this approach has continually dominated sales;

iPod vs MP3
iPhone vs Smart Phones
iPad vs Tablets
Apple Watch vs Smart Watches
Apple wasn't necessarily innovative in their technology; they were innovative in their approach to technology.

Because the underlying technology is invisible to people, it falls upon design to make the outcome a worthwhile experience. And if the experience makes a person’s life easier, simpler and better, you have won that client for life.

I'm not a technophile, and couldn't fake knowing if the technological components of the Apple SE are in fact low level or not (however FYI - it's pretty much an iPhone 6S jammed into a smaller package). The Apple SE was brought out to serve the demand of people wanting a smaller, less expensive option.

Apple listened, and Apple delivered.