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Branding to Sink Your Teeth Into

/ Aug 8th, 2014
economax logo economax website

This was the problem for EconoMax.  For EconoMax, grit is everything.  Their cylinders are the toughest on the market.  By purchasing cylinders from EconoMax, it is possible to get a product that will endure under even the most extreme usage.  In fact, these cylinders can even stand up for years while receiving gruelling punishment in dump trucks.  EconoMax worked hard to capitalize on this fact, building their business image around toughness.  With this essential groundwork, the company just needed the right team to take their hard earned image and translate it into an online brand.

When working with EconoMax, we helped translate their toughness into every aspect of their brand.  We started with a logo; creating a tough dog image that perfectly reflected the tone and nature of the company.  Then, we took that simple logo and made it the starting point for a bold website.  This website was not merely well designed; it was finely tuned to represent the straightforward functionality that makes EconoMax so special.

To this end, the EconoMax website is simple in many ways, but the subtle touches make all the difference.  The design features bold images and concise copy, which is perfect for a company with all substance and no frills.  The design, though not overtly fancy, is easy to remember and easy to use.

Of course, their online brand is more than design.  We also anchored the website with strong SEO features to make sure that it comes up first for the term “tough air cylinder.”  As part of a comprehensive overhaul of the online brand, we also created and managed an adwords campaign that resulted in ample lead generation that is still providing positive outcomes for the company.

There is no doubt about it:  managing a successful business is tough.  Make your job a little easier, and call us today to see how we can help revolutionize your online brand.