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The Branded Image of Success

/ Aug 14th, 2014
GPL logo670 GPL GPL letterhead

Businesses spend years trying to develop a reliable brand that is trusted by consumers.  To achieve this type of success without years of work, the best approach is a targeted branding solution.

Grand Porter Logistics is a transport company.  As a new company, they came to us with a simple goal:  to create a brand that looks established, trust worthy and reputable.  

To help Grand Porter Logistics, we started by establishing an enduring image - one that looked dated, even though it was brand new.  We focused on the GP of their name, which provided a powerful image that was equally reliable and respectable.

With a good logo in place, we developed the rest of the company’s image as well.  We worked with Grand Porter Logistics to create confidence through their color scheme, corporate logo, truck design and more.  The design was clean, streamlined and memorable, and it was carefully incorporated into all elements of the brand.  Some companies spend years developing this kind of comprehensive image for their brand.  Grand Porter Logistics, however, was able to achieve a similar result in a matter of months.

We know how important an image is to your business success.  That is why we take the time to help every client reach their potential.  Whether you are an established brand or an upstart company, we can take your business to the next level.