odour disposer jug n bottle odor disposer ad odor disposer display odor disposer tradeshow booth

Waste Management Odour Disposer Package Design

/ Aug 29th, 2016

By Massimo

odour disposer jug n bottle odor disposer ad odor disposer display odor disposer tradeshow booth

With so much emphasis on designing for brands online, one often forgets there is an entirely different world of design equally important; package design.

There is alot of research on the importance of packaging design - the one common thread amongst them all, is that simplicity sells. What people want is to get the information in a quick and simple way. 

Odour Disposer is a fantastic new product that, unlike other brands, doesn't mask odours but eliminates them on a molecular level from the root source. This prevents the odour caused by composting elements in your waste bin, which also eliminates the pests associated with it - as cute as they are, raccoons and skunks belong elsewhere than in my garbage curb side. zfactor is excited to be working with Sci-Corp on this fantastic product launch that has gotten the attention of Waste Management. 

When working with a billion-dollar brand like Waste Management, creating a new brand can be challenging. The zfactor approach; keep it basic and bold, with a goal to quickly have people understand the value proposition without having to analyze the packaging...because they won't, they'll just move on. After several iterations, the name Odor Disposer was the best choice, quickly explaining the value prop. Playing off of the Waste Management brand, a unique bottle pantone quickly became the staple color across all material.

From package design, to tradeshow booth and POP displays, the messaging was kept consistent and recognizable. So much, that the product was quickly picked up by several large retailers. Working closely with the co-packers, the final label designs were prepped were final delivery and the product will be available on store shelves by fall 2016.